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Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:Dragons, eggs, and hatchlings
The rules are simple:

As with all comms, please don't flame, don't be awkward, do have a chat if you want. Invite your friends to join the fun if you think they'd like it. The more the merrier!

This comm will be very lightly moderated as I'm not online every day. If something is bothering you, feel free to PM or email to let me know and I'll try to sort it out. We're all adults, so I expect no difficulties and if there is the odd one, to see it handled like grown-ups.

There's no need to put sprites behind a cut. If membership grows, I'll re-think this policy, but nothing will change without the consent of the majority of members.

Other pets are welcome, but under a cut. This is not to be discriminatory, but because I know from experience that they can be many and take up a great deal of space. The dragons are self-limiting.

Please don't spam. Posting once a day will get your sprites enough views, and clicks and unique views only register once a day so there's no point. Do refresh the page once or twice if you have the time. Views feed the sprites.

Posts can be edited at any time to remove adults/add eggs.

That's about it. If you have ideas for further rules, anything - I'm open, so go for it. *g*


(1) For more views and UVs, Daily Dragon Fix and Soti-Dragon are very useful.

(2) If any sprites are getting close to the wire, i.e. 3.0 days or under, they can be posted at Soti-Dragon ER or InsaneJournal dragon_er. If they're at 2.0 days or under, they can be posted at Livejournal dragon_er. It's advisable to keep an eye open for any changes to the time restrictions or you risk having posts deleted/being banned.

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